Ben Moreland

Ben Moreland is a Personal Trainer and MMA Coach with nearly 10 years in the industry.

Ben has experience training Professional Fighters and Olympians as well as Military and Law Enforcement but has found some of the most fun in training people new to the sport who just want to give MMA a shot. Wether it is Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Wrestling he is well educated in all the components that round out the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and loves to share his knowledge with others. Having spent the last 14 years both competing in and coaching sports with strict weight class requirements (MMA, Wrestling, Muay Thai) Ben has developed an expertise in weight management that works just as well for people trying to “slim down and tone up” as it does for athletes looking to move up or down into their ideal weight bracket. Beyond working with fighters Ben has also had the pleasure of training UFC Ring Girls Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer. Those girls may not have to fight but they still need to be fighting fit when they step in the cage or in front of the camera.


  • A.A. in Health Sciences from Orange Coast College
  • OCC Fitness Specialist
  • Experience Training and Coaching Professional MMA Fighters in UFC, WEC, and Bellator as well as local promotions
  • Experience Coaching and Training Professional Muay Thai fighters

Ana Cheri

Lift More. Run More. Be More.

Be Positive. Be Thankful.

As a model, fitness and health have become a huge part of Ana Cheri's lifestyle so its only natural she has combined the two. Currently she works for Shredz Supplements as a Brand Ambassador/ Motivational Speaker representing strength, positivity and sexy physiques around the world.

With the launch of the new gym Be More Athletics and her recent debut in Muscle and Fitness Magazine, along with several NPC Bikini titles she holds, Ana Cheri is taking a strong hold on the fitness industry.

Be sure to follow her Instagram at @anacheri for exclusive monthly boot camps held by her and her team!